Take My Hand

This poem was inspired by a friend who was going through an incredibly rough time. I felt impotent, helpless to assist. Short of waving a magic wand to make all her difficulties disappear, I didn’t know what to do to help my friend, and as disconsolate as she was, I too felt heartbroken. One particularly dark evening, I asked her what I could do to help. “Just be here and hold my hand” was her reply.

It got me thinking. Sometimes we don’t need someone to do anything. We just need them to take us by the hand and make us feel that we’re not alone in whatever battle it is we’re fighting. I believe that holding someone’s hand is underrated. It’s a powerful form of human contact that immediately says, “It’s OK. I’m here.”

When you feel the night will never end,

Take my hand…it will

When you feel the sun won’t rise again,

Take my hand…it will

When you feel you must bear your pain alone,

Take my hand…you don’t

When you feel your heart will break in two,

Take my hand…it won’t

For I am there whenever you need

Someone to understand,

We’ll watch the sun chase the darkness away

So come…take my hand.

○Eleanor Parks 2016

Originally published in Are You There, Dad? by Rona Lee Parks* and Neville Winter

* Rona Lee Parks is my poetry pseudonym.



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