Atop A Stairway In The Sky

Just this side of heaven, atop a stairway in the sky,

Is where the sun shines every day, and there’s no need to cry.

A letter came from there today, with words to ease my heart;

You told me how you’re getting on, now that we’re apart.

You told me you were happy, your time you knew you’d had;

And that you wanted me to know that I needn’t feel so sad.

To your every whim, you said, an angel now attends,

And just because you’re not here with me doesn’t mean we’re not still friends.

You said you saw the flowers I left, and laughed when I lost the card;

But the writing would have run anyway, as it was raining hard.

You mentioned the film we always watched every Saturday night,

And that you danced to our song in the moon’s shimmering light.

You said that when I dreamed of you, it was your way of telling me

That you were having the time of your life and were happy as could be.

I read your words. I laughed. I cried. And then I sighed alack!

For never could I find the stairway, to send you a letter back.



2 thoughts on “Atop A Stairway In The Sky

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