Auntie Glad and the Gold Coast

Auntie Glad is 95-years-old this year. Originally from Liverpool, she now lives south of Brisbane on Australia’s Gold Coast. She’s an amazing woman, not least because of her no nonsense attitude to getting old. She simply refuses to do it. Oh, she recognises that her biological age is 95, alright, but that doesn’t mean she has to behave like a 95-year-old. Oh no!

On her 80th birthday, when most women of her age would be hoping for a not too exhausting family get together with plenty of tea and cake and and perhaps a little tipple of sherry, Auntie Glad was celebrating her 8th decade by going to a fancy dress party in the guise of a punk rocker. Her outfit was replete with fishnet stockings and leather mini skirt, while her normally grey hair was dyed green. To top it all off, she arrived at the party on the back of a Harley Davidson!

Her 90th birthday was no less energetic. She joined a gym! Why? “Because I’ve never joined a gym before” she said. Later that day, she flew by helicopter to a youth club to help out with a kids’ bingo party, before going on to dinner with her son.

Last year – keep in mind that she was then 94 – she was attending a spa retreat, before flying to the other side of Australia to spend some time with her son and his family. As she slowly slid herself into the pool at the spa, she cut her leg on a jagged tile. It was no ordinary cut; she’d really sliced into her leg and she was bleeding profusely. An ambulance was called and she was taken to hospital, where they told her that it was best that she stayed in for a few days and had a skin graft. Her response? “I haven’t got time for that! Stick some stitches in it and give me some crutches. I’ve got a bloody plane to catch!”

Australians are world renowned for their laid back attitude and living life to the full, but I think Auntie Glad could well teach them a thing or two!



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