Partners in Crime

A couple of weeks ago I published a Photo Challenge post concerning the love that one of my cats, Honey Mouse, has for her babies, even though they are now three years old. When I saw the new Photo Challenge was on the subject of partners, I thought about posting something on the subject of Brexit, but decided we needed something a little more lighthearted. Therefore, I again found myself turning to the subject of Honey Mouse and her babies.

As I’ve already said, the kittens are now three years old, and not only is Honey Mouse still remarkably close to her babies, Ringo and Dusty are as close to each other as she is to them. They are real partners (or should that be purrtners?) in crime, often going off exploring together, climbing trees and getting into scrapes. They defend each other too. Should either one of them cry out, the other is there in a flash! Believe it or not, it’s Dusty – the girl – who is the better fighter. Woe betide the cat that picks on her brother!


Dusty (L) and her purrtner in crime, Ringo.

So protective – bordering on psychotic – is Dusty of her brother, that even the two neighbourhood stray tom cats – RD and Samuel L. Catson – both of whom can seriously handle themselves, are afraid of her! Girl power!

Still, she has her soft and sensitive side too. She loves her cuddles, especially if she’s cuddling with her brother. Mind you, I’m sure if she could talk she’d be saying, “Don’t you dare publish that photo! You’ll destroy my street cred!” Well, sorry Dusty girl, but it’s too adorable not to!


Dusty and her brother!



8 thoughts on “Partners in Crime

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    • Thanks! And you’re welcome! They’d been out all night and the photo was taken right after they’d had breakfast. Ringo zonked out, and Dusty snuggled up right next to him. It melted my heart when I saw them, and I’m thrilled it did the same for you! 🙂

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