Floating in the Blue


There is so much negativity about just lately. Brexit, rampant racism, politicians falling over themselves to stab one another in the back, job insecurity – it all conspires to create a dark night of the soul, a black void of disregard for our fellow man. Well, I for one refuse to go along with it. I wholeheartedly and resolutely refuse to allow this swell of negativity drag me down, and in doing so, I hope to throw a lifeline to all of you who feel yourselves caught by the tide.

So how do I propose to do this, I hear you ask. Why, by indulging in a little light pareidolia, or, to give it its more common description, “finding shapes in the clouds“. A. A Milne once wrote, “How sweet to be a cloud floating in the blue.” How sweet indeed! And even sweeter if such cloud happens to take the form of a Scottie dog wearing a curly wig! (Seriously, that’s what I’ve just seen!)

Thus far this afternoon I have seen (these are in no particular order): a six-breasted Miss Piggy, Kenneth Williams, a pig wearing a wig (maybe he borrowed it from the aforementioned Scottie dog) and a “scream” mask. As I read back over what I’ve just written, I’m sure that should any psychologists stumble across this piece, they would have enough material in this paragraph alone for an entire conference!

I often indulge in pareidolia when I’m on a flight. I remember on one particularly tedious transatlantic flight, I seemed to spend hours just gazing out of the plane window, trying to find the most outrageous or ridiculous image I could. I succeeded in seeing four monsters emerging from a swamp, something which made me nudge my husband awake to see if he could see it too (he could, and then promptly fell back to sleep). Reading through some notes I made in a little notebook at the time, I see that I wrote that I had also seen “clouds that appeared as waves crashing against a rugged shore”. It would have been nice if such an image was a taster of what awaited me when I disembarked from the plane, but given that my destination was Brussels…no such luck!

I hope, my dear readers, that I have brightened your day a little (if brightening your day by bringing clouds is not too much of an oxymoron). Negativity cannot drive out negativity; only positivity can do that. And perhaps we would all feel a little more positive if, for just a short while, we forgot the real world and instead allowed our imaginations to run free amongst sweet, cotton candy clouds floating in the blue.



7 thoughts on “Floating in the Blue

  1. I love that
    A. You taught me a new word
    B. The concept of brightening a day by bringing clouds lol
    Now I’m just left wondering what this act of finding shapes is called when you have a different medium than clouds… Say perhaps feces?? 🤗 Lol- daily ritual with my daughter to play “what does the poop look like…”

    Liked by 1 person

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