Exciting Times!

You may remember the other day I posted an article concerning the fact that, at the end of this month, I will be forty. In the article, I mentioned that I had started a Bucket List, a list of the things I wanted to do, things that I have been putting off, things that will help me discover who I am at this age. 

Two of the things on my Bucket List were (1) to get a nice haircut and (2) to get a tattoo (or maybe two). On Thursday I took a trip into Breda in the Netherlands, to Bunker Tattoo. I’d seen their work online and was impressed; I was impressed too by the reviews they received. So, walking up the stairs into their studio, I opened the door with a little trepidation. This is my first ever tattoo, and up until this point, I’d never even set foot in a tattoo studio before.

The first artist to greet me was called Boy (seriously, I asked him if that really was his name, because where I come from, if you called someone boy, it’s seen as being disrespectful. I certainly didn’t want to come across as disrespectful, especially to someone who may be putting ink on me!) As it happened though, I needn’t have worried. For not only did he insist that his name really was Boy, but he also told me that they had a waiting list, and that the first available place was either in September or October 2017! That’s right folks! They have a waiting list of over a year! Now, I don’t mind waiting for quality, but the idea was for me to have a tattoo for my 40th birthday, and somehow, waiting until I’m 41 seemed to defeat the purpose!

I returned home disheartened, but not defeated, and after speaking to a couple of friends and searching some more across the internet, I found a tattoo studio quite close to me in Antwerp, one called Awa Art Tattoo. I took a trip there yesterday, and was lucky enough to watch the artist at work. He was busy creating a tattoo on a guy’s arm, and I have to say, it looked good. We chatted about the design I wanted, and after taking some advice, I have made an appointment for 12 o’clock on Monday! Eek! I shall be sure to post some photos once it is completed, so watch this space peeps!

Then on Tuesday, a very good friend of mine who works as a colourist and stylist will be creating a whole new hair colour and style for me. As with the tattoo, I shall be sure to update you, my lovely readers, with some photos.

Exciting times!



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