My Trinacria Tattoo

Regular readers of my humble missives will know all about my plans to celebrate the milestone that is my 40th birthday. For those of you who are new here, or who may have stumbled in accidentally, why not stay awhile and read all about it here and here.

So, yesterday dawned a dull and rainy, but not cold day. I awoke with trepidation and anticipation, knowing that within a few hours I would be having my very first tattoo!

My appointment at Awa Art Tattoo in Antwerp was for 12 noon. As is normal for me, I was early, so early in fact that I had time to stop and have a coffee (which turned out to be one of the worst coffees I have ever tasted!). A walk around the block, and it was time for me to go in. My heart was pounding so loud and the studio was so quiet that I was sure that Alex (the tattoo artist) could hear it! Was I on the brink of cowardice?

My husband was with me, and he said that he would take some photos and videos of me during the session. I had in mind that it would take maybe an hour or two, but oh no! Perhaps if Alex had told me that it would take five hours, I may have chickened out, so I’m glad he didn’t tell me beforehand. Likewise, I’m glad he was less than explicit in how much it would eventually hurt. When he first began, I thought to myself, “I don’t know what all the fuss is about tattoos. This isn’t painful at all!” Four hours in, and in the midst of colouring and shading, and I was regretting my earlier bravado. I can only compare it to being deeply scratched, over and over again, in exactly the same place…and you know that each one is going to happen!

Once it was done and cleaned off though, it honestly just felt like bad sunburn. This morning, it still feels like sunburn…really bad sunburn. I think it was well worth it though! Alex is one hell of a talented artist! Below is the picture I gave him to go off, together with pictures of what he created. A true artist in every sense of the word! What do you think?


The image I gave to Alex as an indication of what I wanted.


My very first tattoo! A five hour piece of artwork depicting an interpretation of a Trinacria. © Eleanor Parks 2016


My Trinacria tattoo!





10 thoughts on “My Trinacria Tattoo

    • Thanks! I expected it to be small too, but when I showed him the design, he said it would need to be around 25cm in order to get all the detail. I thought, “Oh well, it’s a cool design, so go for it!” Half way through, I was thinking, “Me and my bloody big mouth!” Worth the pain though!


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