After the Rain


© Eleanor Parks 2016

I called this picture “After the Rain” because, well, it was taken after the rain. There had been a storm overnight, and the next morning, as I walked up the drive to fetch the morning post, there was the most perfect hazelnut leaf I’d ever seen. It lay on the drive, dappled and bedecked with droplets of rain that glistened in the morning sun.

For a few moments, I stood and stared, transfixed by the beautiful image before me. I then ran inside to get my camera, hoping that one of my cats didn’t decide to walk over, or sit on, the leaf, before I had a chance to capture it. I tried shooting in colour first, but felt that it didn’t do justice to the details of the image. After switching to black and white and playing with the exposure, this was the result.

After a night of witnessing nature’s ferocity, her beauty was later revealed in a pretty perfect symbol of stunning simplicity.



9 thoughts on “After the Rain

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