“The sun sinks to her retreat below the horizon, allowing twilight to close her darkened shades on the day, before nighttime lulls the world into dreamless sleep.”



Yesterday saw the passing of Snorky, one of my beloved cats. She had been with us for 15 years, after a neighbour found her and her sister, Bubbles, in a box on the street when they were just 8 weeks old. She had been ill for some time, after being diagnosed with a tumour in her chest in November 2015. At the time of her diagnosis, we were told to keep her comfortable, but that the prognosis was that she would last a couple of weeks at the most. She beat the odds…and then some! She not only survived, but thrived, for nine beautiful months. Yesterday though, it became clear that the fight had exhausted her. We took the heartbreaking decision to give her the gift of peace. This photo, along with its accompanying prose, were produced yesterday evening as I sat on the front step, sipping on a vodka and coke, just listening to the oncoming quiet of night. It had been a long and emotional day. 



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