Generations of Joy!

In my recent post Coffee. Twix. Blog. I spoke of how my husband had arranged for my family to come over to Belgium for my 40th birthday. It was an amazing time, one where all of us were able to create new, and long lasting, memories.

One such memory was a lunch in a lovely Italian restaurant in Breda, Netherlands. The weather was atrocious, and so, not wishing to walk around in the rain with my Mum and Dad – neither of whom are in the best of health – and two young kids, we kind of plumped for the first place we came across. I’m so glad we did. The food was wonderful and we all had so much fun!

This particular photo was taken while we waited for our food to arrive. I was standing by the table, taking numerous photos, and I happened to ask everyone to look my way and smile. My Mum, who is hard of hearing, stayed looking at her phone. I raised my voice above the clamour and said, “Mum!” Before she could even look up to see what I wanted, Lyra – my six-year-old great-niece – said, in her loud, but incredibly cute voice, “I thought you said bum!” Everyone laughed just as my camera clicked. What it caught was a moment in time, a memory, an energy, that you never get with a posed photo.


Two generations of joy! My big sister and her granddaughter.

When a friend of mine saw the photo, she said, “You must have had so much fun! That right there is a depiction of pure joy!”

We did. And I couldn’t agree more!



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