The Prosaic and the Pedestrian

Hey folks! Yes, it’s me again, back after another absence.

I’ve been in the UK for a little while, taking care of my Mum and Dad. Regular readers of my missives may recall that my Mum had a stroke around 18 months ago, followed by a spate of bad health and a couple of falls. This ultimately resulted in her being fitted with a pacemaker, after which she appears, thankfully, to be getting back to herself. Then, on October 6 of this year, my Dad had a stroke. Mercifully, he has come out of it relatively unscathed, with just a little weakness on his right side and some slight short term memory loss the only signs that anything happened. You will all no doubt be pleased to know that they are both doing well now. These things are sent to try us, as they say; and boy! do they try us!

You may also recall the issues I had surrounding my getting my business up and running on Amazon UK. I have so many grey hairs now, I look like some hideous interpretation of Cruella de Vil…and it’s all Amazon’s doing! Honestly, I have heard Meatloaf songs that have gone on for less time than my Amazon wranglings. Now, however, that appears to be sorted out. I have been approved to sell alcoholic products in their Grocery section! Woo-hoo! Thus far, business is going well, and I am planning to add more products into my range any time soon.

As you can imagine, I now feel like I can take a deep breath and try to get back to the normal day-to-day run-of-the-mill stuff. We often take prosaic, pedestrian life for granted, but its only when we have those periods when we are so stressed we feel like screaming at the world, that we appreciate the days when absolutely nothing happens. I am hoping that today will be one of those days. I do, however, have to take a trip to IKEA – I need some new crockery, as several acts of unwitting clumsiness has left me with just two plates and three cups! – and given that this is like negotiating a one-way system with furniture, you never know what can happen.



2 thoughts on “The Prosaic and the Pedestrian

    • Thank you so much. I think of that all the time. Plus, I have a plaque on my wall, saying “Life is a cabaret”. I look at that and think, yes, life is a cabaret, and like any cabaret, you don’t have to like every act to still have fun. Thanks for your support, Irwin. I’ll probably never meet you, or my other followers, but it’s nice to know I have an army of support out there. Hope you have a great day too!

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