Breathe, Relax

As I wrote in my last article Senses Cure The Soul, when life gets to be just that little bit too much, I turn to nature and the senses to relax. Many times, I find that simply getting out into nature and taking photos to convey what I see and feel around me, will clear my head and lift my spirits. Here are a couple of photos that I have taken at times when my soul has needed some grounding. These photos too, are the ones I find myself coming back to whenever I need a sense of peace and relaxation.

The sun sinks to her retreat below the horizon, allowing twilight to close her darkened shades across the day, before nighttime lulls the world into dreamless sleep. These words, and the accompanying photo, were the product of a very stressful day. My beloved cat, Snorky, had passed away that morning, and, that evening, as I sat on the step, the words poured from me.



The canal lock. I often walk along the canal when I need to clear my head. When I took this photo, I was struck by the almost hypnotising symmetry of the canal as it stretched away, seemingly into infinity.


How could I not relax when I saw this sunburst? It was, to me, so stunning, that after I had captured it before the moment and the light changed, I spent what seemed to be an age simply staring at it.




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