Make America Kittens Again!

What do you do when you’re trying to enjoy your cup of morning coffee, but your retinas are being assaulted by images of the angry Cheeto more commonly known as Donald Trump, popping up in your news feed? Why, you install the “Make America Kittens Again” Chrome extension, of course!

Created by a guy called Tom Royal, this Chrome extension replaces news images of Donald Trump with pictures of cute kittens. It’s a marvellous creation, for it means that I can read the reports of his chaotic press conferences, his “unpresidented” attacks on the media and calling a reporter “rude” (the words “pot”, “kettle” and “black” spring to mind), but I don’t have to look at the man (I use that word purely in its biological sense).

I must admit that I was a little skeptical of its efficacy, but I thought I’d give it  whirl anyway. I could always uninstall it if it didn’t work. Imagine my delight therefore when, just after installing the extension onto my desktop, I clicked onto the BBC News website and this is what appeared on my screen.


I tried another site, The Local, which gives foreign language news in English. I was not disappointed.


One of the reviews for the extension is that it does not work on every site. However, I noticed that the developer has included annotations of updates to make the extension more universally viable. I was particularly amused by Tom Royal’s reasoning for his development of the extension. He says that it “Replaces Donald Trump with kittens Because: (A) Trump is a disgrace (B) Kittens are lovely and (C) I couldn’t find a Creative Commons photo of a blobfish to use” Fabulous!


A Blobfish. The resemblance is uncanny!

So if, like me, you are already sick to the back teeth of seeing Donald Trump’s face leering at you from your desktop screens, why not click here and install the extension. I did, and it’s damned near made my day!




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