A Ramshackle Shop

As I went walking the other day,

I happened upon a ramshackle shop,

It was stuffed to the rafters with furniture

And the shelves looked fit to drop.

There were sideboards, and bureaus, and bookcases,

Armchairs and sofa beds too,

There were all kinds of couches in all different shapes

And even a chaise-longue or two.

There were vases and flowerpots, glasses and cups,

And one or two crystal decanters.

And a small garden gnome stood on miniature guard

Next to exquisite, but oddly shaped planters.

‘Have they ever sold anything? Anything at all?’

Was just one of the thoughts that I had.

For most of this stuff looked like it was made

When Jesus himself was a lad.

And then I recalled my dear nanna’s words

When I said her own shop I would keep

“Remember my girl, that folk are quite daft,

“They’ll buy owt so long as it’s cheap.”



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