New Moon Affirmations


A couple of nights ago, I was looking through some old photographs that I had stored on several CDs. What a treasure trove of memories! Family parties, pets now passed on but still no less loved, crazy antics, holidays…Revisiting all these reminiscences, hearing the echo of laughter, I came to a startling conclusion. I have lost the young woman I once was.

Yes, I know we are all getting older, and though I hesitate to state the obvious, I am not 21 anymore. But that’s not what I mean. As I looked at photos of myself, some from ten or fifteen years ago, I saw a bright, youthful, vibrant, vital young woman. When I compare her to the woman who now gazes back at me from the mirror, I see that I have lost something. I have lost the essence of joy. I shan’t say that life has sucked the life out of me, but it has taken the youthful vitality and the feeling that I conquer the world. I am middle aged, and in my eyes I am beginning to look it.

Well no more!

Today, as the universe begins a new cycle with a new moon, and as we welcome the Chinese New Year of the Rooster, I have made a conscious decision to renew myself. As part of this renewal, I have made a list of affirmations, to remind myself to remain positive, to take back control of my own happiness and to allow only love and light into my heart and soul. So, on this auspicious new moon, I affirm that I…

Shall clear my soul of old, negative energy.

Shall let go of other people’s negativity. Not my circus. Not my monkeys.

Invite financial and emotional abundance into my life.

Shall fill my heart and soul with light and love.

Shall work for what my heart desires and to create the life of my dreams.

Reaffirm that I am a creative and powerful being, the creator of my reality.

Fill my life, my heart, my soul and all that I hold dear with light and positivity.

This list of affirmations I wrote down on a piece of paper and shall keep it on my desk, as a daily reminder of the promises I have made to myself. My journey to reclaim the joyous young woman I once was, starts here!



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