Apple Pie And A Pot Of Tea


I can scarcely believe that it has been three weeks since my last post. Many times I intended to sit down and write, but then found myself getting distracted by one thing or another. Twice I even started a post, only to have something come up which demanded my attention, and by the time I had the chance to sit down and write again, well, both the moment and the inclination had deserted me.

And so now, at 15:30 on a wet and dreary afternoon, I have stolen the opportunity to sit down at my desk with a steaming pot of tea, a slice of homemade apple pie (homemade by a friend, not by me) and write! Ah! Bliss!

So, dear friends and readers, what has been happening? Well, for one, on February 10, my sister got married. As I mentioned in my post The Wedding Invitation, my sister and her now husband have been together for the best part of twenty-two years. In fact, the very first party which they attended as a couple was my own wedding, back in 1995! Everyone assumed that they were happy how they were, and, whilst that was true, was now brother-in-law pulled an absolute blinder and proposed on my sister’s fiftieth birthday in April last year.

February 10 was indeed a day to remember. My Dad gave my sister away (he even had a tear in his eye), the groom couldn’t keep his eyes off his bride, gazing at her as if she were the most amazingly beautiful thing he had ever seen, and when the registrar said “Would you like to give your bride a kiss?” he replied with “Yes I would” and pulled her into such a tight embrace there wasn’t a dry eye in the house! After that came the wedding breakfast, followed by a very drunken party that wound up around 3 a.m. In fact, such a good time was had by all that most of agreed that we should have a party more often!

Prior to the wedding, there were umpteen decisions to be made; umpteen fretting phone calls about what and what not to wear; umpteen doubts and fears that we would all look our best. One thing I have learned as I get older is that worrying works. Think about about it. 99% of all the things you ever worry about never happen. And so it was in this case. Everyone looked amazing and truly did my sister and her husband proud.

Aside from family celebrations, there have been new and exciting things happening career wise too. Having made an off-the-cuff comment about some spelling errors on a large Belgian company’s website, I have been hired as a proofreader and editor for all said company’s English language information literature. Much of it will have been translated from Flemish into English, and so it is my job to ensure all is spelled correctly and that the syntax is also correct. I guess that will teach me to keep my mouth shut, won’t it? I jest, of course. I’m thrilled at the prospect and am looking forward to the new challenge.

Well, my dear friends and readers, I am now aware that my pot of tea is empty, my apple pie has been devoured (it was delicious) and the time has come for me to bid you tatty bye for now. Unless I happen to win the Euromillions jackpot tomorrow night (all angels and gods please let it happen!), there will be no more parties for a while, so I should have plenty of time to bombard you with a myriad of missives. So, until then…




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