A Jiggle-Jaggle Of Nerves

Back in August 2016, I wrote a piece for the Daily Post’s Discover Challenge on the subject of “Designed For You” entitled “A Birthday Fit For A Kaiser (Chief)“. In it, I chronicled the day when my husband bought me the fabulous birthday present of tickets to see Kaiser Chiefs in Brussels. The whole experience, culminating in Ricky Wilson holding my hand, was so wonderful that I could not have done better if I had designed the entire day myself.

I happened to be rereading through a few of my old posts this afternoon, when, just as I came across the aforementioned post, the following picture popped up in a private message on Twitter. It was from a friend of mine who said she liked the wording and thought I would too.


Now, if nothing else I believe in synchronicity. So the fact that I was reminiscing about how I felt that particular night, my friend sending me an image with the words “jiggle-jaggle” to describe the feeling of being excited and having butterflies in your stomach, combined with the fact that today’s Daily Prompt is the word “jiggle“, meant that I felt compelled to weave the entire chronology of events into a post.

My stomach was indeed a jiggle-jaggle of nerves that night, and although the feeling has all but abated over the passage of time, I still get a slight jiggle (unaccompanied by a jaggle) when I think about it.



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