Mail Order Nudist

It seems that yesterday’s article – An Arid Sex Life – raised quite a few eyebrows, not to mention smiles. Seeing as how you enjoyed that one, I thought I would treat you to another weird and wonderful story from my journalism archive. This one is from the same year – 2012 (maybe there was something going on that year to make people act out of the ordinary?) – and concerns visitors to a mail order website getting a little more than they bargained for. 

Mail Order Nudist Goes Viral


One of France’s best known mail order catalogues has been forced to apologise for an embarrassing faux-pas after visitors to its website spotted a naked man in the background of a photo published in their children’s section.

La Redoute featured a photo of four children running along a beach with their arms around each other, while behind them in the distance, a naked man walks through the sea. As soon as the error was reported, the photo in question was removed, but not before it had gone viral across social media.

“La Redoute has withdrawn the photo in question from its website,” an unnamed spokeswoman said later, “and it has posted apologies on Facebook and Twitter. An internal investigation has also been opened to determine how the error happened.” Meanwhile, La Redoute issued an official statement which acknowledged that some web users had been offended, something for which they offered an unreserved apology. They also promised to reinforce their validation process to of its marketing to “ensure this does not happen again.”

However, looking at the comments on La Redoute’s Facebook page – ranging from “to err is human” to suggesting that the “error was done on purpose as part of a marketing coup” – it doesn’t seem that too many people were actually offended at all. This impression is bolstered by the fact that some of the website’s visitors used the magnifying glass function on the site in order to extract a high resolution image of the man in question and paste him into a variety of situations. Therefore, the man who was enjoying a simple stroll through the sea in his birthday suit, can now see himself holidaying alongside Nicolas Sarkozy, standing behind Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon, and fighting Darth Vader.

And we British say the French have no sense of humour!

Eleanor Parks 2012

Just as I was about to post this piece, I noticed that today’s Daily Prompt is jiggle. I must admit that a fleeting thought whisked its way across my mind, to alter the story to include said word in relation to the man being naked. Fortunately, taste and decorum won the day, although given that I have just mentioned the word jiggle, I’m not altogether sure they did! 





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