Surprise! It’s A Grass Spider!

A couple of mornings ago, as is my habit, I wandered outside to check the postbox. As I did so, I noticed dozens of small silken webs, each one bejewelled with dew, all over the lawn. I was immediately intrigued, more so given the fact that I had never noticed anything such as that on my lawn before, even in all the years I have lived here. I felt compelled to take a photo, if only to record the stunningly delicate beauty of the dewdrops, glistening on the silken threads in the spring sunshine.


At the time, I had no idea what had made these webs, nor indeed why they were so numerous – there were at least two dozen of them. My best guess was some kind of caterpillar or moth, such as the Ermine Moth, which spins ghostly silken webs in and along hedgerows in late spring and early summer. Imagine my surprise then when I discovered that it was in fact a Grass Spider that had bedecked my lawn with its handiwork!

Now, whilst I would never do them any harm (to me, all life is precious), I would be lying if I said that spiders were one of my favourite creatures. So to know that there is such a creature as a grass spider, well, I don’t mind admitting that I shan’t be walking barefoot on the grass this summer!



8 thoughts on “Surprise! It’s A Grass Spider!

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