Think Before You Unzip


Still from the 2004 movie, Alfie.

As I mentioned in my post Life In The Front Rowone of the major changes that recently took place in both mine and my husband’s life, was that our best friend and former Casanova-cum-Lothario, was flying to Las Vegas to get married.

I for one, never thought he would go through with it. Having known him for over twenty years, I have seen him go from one relationship to another, and even have seven different girlfriends on the go at the same time! Now, don’t get me wrong. He is a lovely guy and the best friend anyone could ever wish to have in their lives, and other than an inability to be honest that he wasn’t ready to choose one particular woman to settle down with, he never mistreated the women he was with. On the contrary; he wined and dined them, courted and cavorted with them. They loved him. Couldn’t get enough of him.

Since he met his wife, however, he seems to have been a changed man. All the sleeping around, all the courting and cavorting, even all the wining and dining, has been well and truly put to rest. Even so, just before he left for Vegas, I told him two things. “I wish you all the happiness in the world” I said, and then added, “For god’s sake, don’t f*ck it up” He shook his head and smiled, and promised he wouldn’t.

The day after his wedding, I caught up with him on FaceTime. He was positively glowing, and after a five-minute verbal onslaught over how he was torn between wearing a blue jacket or a gray one, he said that they were currently in a suite at the Bellagio. It was, he said, a wedding gift from his new wife’s best friend, Andrea (not her real name). “I tell you what though,” he said, his voice dropping conspiratorially, “Andrea is so cute” It was, for me, a real head-in-hands moment. “What?” he said, as if he were as innocent as virgin snow, “I’m only saying”

I thought a moment, and then remembered a line I had heard several years ago, in the movie remake of “Alfie” with Jude Law. And so I said, “I can’t tell you what to do or how to behave, but whatever you do … think before you unzip.”




6 thoughts on “Think Before You Unzip

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  2. Good luck to your friend there. It sounds like he has had a wandering eye for a lot of his life, but hope he and his wife has a relationship that works. There is always temptation out there. But it never hurts to think twice. Or thrice. Or just walk away and appreciate what you’ve got.

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