Stumbling Across A Blog

One of the things I love about blogging is not so much the notion of putting my own thoughts, feelings, fears and ideas out there into the ether, where, it is hoped, they will be loved and accepted by all who come across them, but rather the fact that, at any moment, I could stumble across a blog which really captures my imagination. Recently, I had just such an experience, when I happened upon the travel blog of Rona Lee Cunliffe.

Entitled Travels With Rona, the blog documents Rona’s travels, which so far seem to be confined to Italy, although she does say that she has visited many different countries. What I like about her blog though, is not so much the places she has visited (although they are all quite beautiful), but the writing. Most travel writing I have read is rather perfunctory, to the point. Rona writes as a writer, and as a writer myself, I find that enthralling. There is not only freedom and fluency in her work, but also control, a sense of knowing what to put in, and more importantly, what to leave out. Hyperbole is a stranger here.

I won’t waffle on any more though. I hate it when people critique my work, whether it be good or bad (I suppose I’m in the wrong profession then, eh?), and so I shall do a fellow writer the courtesy of not critiquing their work. Nevertheless, if you have a little time, I can highly recommend “Travels With Rona”, if only for a little escapism. And on a dreary, rainy Belgian Tuesday, I need a heavy dose of that!




3 thoughts on “Stumbling Across A Blog

  1. Thank you very much for the very kind critique 🙂 I don’t take it as a critique, so don’t worry. I’m just quite humbled by your praise, if I’m being honest. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog too. Its reactions like that which make writing feel so worthwhile.

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