A Portion Of Poetry


Several years ago, I was asked to compile a small collection of poetry for a greetings card company. Although the poems ended up not being used, I was nevertheless proud of my work. I thought that perhaps you might like to read a small portion of my little compilation. 

A Mother’s Love (designed for a Mother’s Day card)

There are times when only a mother’s love

Can dry away our tears,

Comfort our disappointments

And calm our darkest fears.

There are times when only a mother’s love

Can share the joy we feel,

When a treasured and long cherished dream,

Suddenly becomes real.

There is surely only a mother’s love

That can endure the tests of time

I only wish that everyone

Could have a mother as loving as mine.

For Father’s Day

Some words of wisdom were once given to me

The best I’ve ever had

The most average of men, a father can be

But it takes a special man to be a Dad.

Bereavement Poem (for someone spiritual or religious)

Jesus knelt by his weeping child

And said, “I beg you, please don’t cry,

Remember those who walk with me

Are those who never die.

“So I’ll carry you, my precious child,

Till you’re strong and your tears have dried,

And I’ll keep your loved one safe with me,

Till you meet by my father’s side.”

The Promise (for a wedding anniversary)

When we made our wedding vows

On our wedding day,

I promised you that by your side

Forever I would stay.

And though, my darling, the years have passed,

My promise remains true,

For I love you not only for who you are,

But for who I am when I’m with you.




2 thoughts on “A Portion Of Poetry

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