The Demented Orange Beast

Now, I know that the meter and structure of this poem changes midway through. However, I felt that the words and rhythm flowed from me, and so I just went with it. I hope the meaning shines through. 

The Demented Orange Beast

Set himself to enslave us

Red strobing lights, late tweeting nights

The planet wondered, “Who will save us?”

Fear was entrenched throughout the land;

The Beast hid from eyes too prying,

While hope of freedom and climatic peace

Were dreams that were all but dying.

Meanwhile, KellyAnne Conjob plays her part

Makes lying while smiling into an art!

Her brassy lies give such a vitality

To an otherwise empty alternate reality.

Alternative facts, fallacious assumption

The Beast’s “Spicy Sean” has nothing but gumption.

KellyAnne Conjob says she misspoke,

This whole administration is just a joke!

Meanwhile, Disney announces its latest film

Trumpinocchio – the torrid tale of an uncouth

70-year-old billionaire man-child,

Who cannot tell the truth!



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