Transient Dawn


To me, this photo represents transience.

I had woken early one morning last summer. As is my habit, I had stepped outside to check the mail, and paused to breathe in the cool morning air, the kind that is slightly humid as the fallen dew evaporates under the warm fingers of sunlight. At that moment, a dragonfly alighted upon the aerial of my car. For a moment, I held my breath. There was something so ethereally beautiful about the scene in front of me. The hazy sunlight breaching the top of the roof, catching the gossamer, silver wings of the delicate dragonfly as it paused for a moment.

All too soon, this would be gone, never to be seen again. Never again would I see the sun in exactly this spot. Soon, the dragonfly would have completed its cycle of life, so perhaps never again would I see this beautiful creature, shimmering in a perfect point of light. I felt quite emotional as I reflected on what was before me; a depiction of the transience of life. For isn’t that what life is? A series of perfectly placed moments that will never come again?



11 thoughts on “Transient Dawn

    • Thank you so much! It’s the luck which adds to the transience. I may not have turned at the right time to see it, it could have flown away before I took the photo. Just a perfect fleeting moment of happenstance. Thanks so much for reading and for commenting! ❤

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  2. I wonder if it is happenstance. It sounds to me significant than that. Have you paused to consider what the dragonfly came by to tell you ? Their symbolism is quite fascinating. Try googling ‘metaphysical symbolism of dragonfly’ and see what you get, and what resonates with you. You may well be surprised 🙂

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    • I never thought of that. I shall certainly Google it and see what comes up. It’s funny that you should say this to me though, as yesterday, I found a ladybird in my bathroom. It was on the window and so I opened the window to let it out. I thought it had flown out and was just about to close the window when an inner voice said “Careful” I stopped, stood on the seat of the toilet to see the top of the window, and there was the ladybird. If I had closed the window, I would have crushed it. I got it onto my finger, apologised for nearly killing it, and then let it out of the window and saw it fly off. Afterwards, I Goggled the symbolism of ladybirds and was surprised by how much of it resonated with me. Perhaps this marks the beginning of some kind of awakening in me…

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