My name is Eleanor Parks. I’m a writer, journalist and poet. I’m the author of four books thus far: the true crime biographies Killing For CaponeCharlie: The Final Word: Mine For The Taking, Charlie: The Final Word: Tortured and, a poetry compilation, Are You There, Dad? Written under my poetry pen name, Rona Lee Parks, Are You There, Dad? is a collaborative effort between my father, Neville Winter, and me, and is the book that I am actually most proud of.

It took me a long time to say the words, “I’m a writer”. Probably because it took so long to actually be a writer. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve written all my life, but I never felt justified in saying “I’m a writer” in response to the oft asked question, “What do you do?” until I was published…and getting to that stage was the most tortuous experience of my life! I have run the gamut of what the publishing world has to offer; from the 55 rejection letters (I kept every one) to the chauvinistic agent whose attitudes to women made Donald Trump seem palatable, to having a book deal literally snatched away at the eleventh hour. Writing has exhilarated me, enthralled me, pushed me, driven me, and broken my heart. And I would happily do it all again, because…well, because I’m a writer!